My Sculpture Class

Learn to sculpt onlne


When does the next class Start?

              The class is ongoing and self-paced

 What times are the class meetings?

 You  can   go at your own pace, access the class whenever you like, and watch videos whenever you like.

 Are there tests?


 Is it really possible to learn art on the internet?

           Of couurse!  People have been learning art techniques from books for years and years.  The internet is much better than books in that there are demonstration videos..

 What if I want to sculpt the figure?

            This class is intended to teach a process that you can apply to anything you would like to sculpt.  What you sculpt is up to you.  In addition to direct instruction on the techniques, there will be tips and resources to take you in the direction that you would like to go.

 I don't have time now.  Will there be another class after this one?

             The class is ongoing.  You can join at any time.

 Where do I buy the clay?

               I have a list of suppliers here


What if I need or want to make the clay?

              Instructions to make fiberclay or paperclay are here

How Do I Sign up?

Just click here: Take The Class