My Sculpture Class

Learn to sculpt onlne

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The class will be very flexible with online text, video clips and images, a place to ask questions of myself and other participants, and post pictures of what you do.
I'll start with information and materials and links to where they can be purchased and the first project.  Every two weeks or so I will add another project up to four projects.  During each project you will add to your skills and understanding of the material, and be given ideas to take what you have learned in a new way.


You will have access to the information and boards for a year. To register or get the cost for the class for the class, Click here!


Questions and comments.  Please post questions, comments, here.  That way I am answering them for everybody.  This is also the place to go to find out new information as I change and update the site 


1. Fiberclay -vs regular clay

Purchase materials

3. If you want to make the clay

3. Choose a subject

4, Sculpting lesson: Create an Abstract Sculpture

5. Sealing and finishing with crackle finishes

6. Sealing and finishing with RTG's

7. Finishing with Metal paints and patinas

8. animal sculpture

9. Sculpting lesson: Create a bird sculpture

10. Sculpting lesson: Create a person sculpture

11. Sculpting lesson: hair

12: Sculpting Lesson: clothing

13. Critique

14 Making your own clay

15. Glazes

16. Firing