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Should I cast my work in Bronze?

Posted by mysculptureclass on March 26, 2010 at 7:13 PM

I have met a whole lot of beginning sculptors that are anxious to cast their work in bronze. I have to say, I love bronze.  I love the durability and the the way my work looks in bronze.  I also know that I do not recommend that you start casting in bronze right away.


I think that before you start casting your work in bronze, it make sense to develop your voice first.  Find out who you are as an artist and create a body of work that reflects that. I have found that when artists cast  limited editions too early in their career, they don't sculpt as many new pieces as they would have otherwise.  It gets expensive to mold and cast each new piece, so they often just make less work.


 Well before I started casting I had a body of work in galleries. Then, by the time I started casting my work I already had collectors and I had a stream of income that I could use to invest in bronze casting.  I bought a kiln for the price it would have cost me to mold and cast three peices, and I have used it  to create literally hundreds of works that have sold through the galleries that represent me.


If you are not even to the place that you want to invest in a kiln, paperclay can be left unfired and cold finished.  The images below are examples of cold finished work.  Like I said before, I love bronze, and I love the way my work looks in bronze. I just want you to know  It is not the only way you can create finished sculptures, it is just one way. 




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