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Posted by mysculptureclass on January 21, 2010 at 9:04 AM

This one may be the hardest of them all, especially when I am in a slump. I hear artists give all kinds of reasons as to why they don't work in the studio.  "My spouse doesn't support me", "I have a full time job"" i have kids". ..


I have to admit, lately I have been having a hard time sculpting as often as is good for me (every day or close to it).  Instead I have been putting energy into my full time teaching job and  keeping my 9th grade students focused for 100 minutes at a time, supporting my daughter in her college search and search for money to pay for it, and developing this new clay that doesn't need to be fired and fixing the problems I run into with it. When so much of energy is going to so many things, it is especially hard.


The truth is, none of those are the thing that I am here to do.  I am here to sculpt.  I am here to create, and in doing that, I am here to inspire others to do what they are here to do.  I asked a question to a writer a few years ago who was lamenting that she was not writing and that she did not have time.  My question to her, and often to myself is this:  Why is it that we have time to do everything except that which we were here to do?  Do will bring you joy.

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Reply Lynne
4:28 AM on February 6, 2010 
I've asked myself the same question many times during my life, thinking that I'm not sculpting just because my hands aren't in the clay - it's as though doing other things, at times or for a time, is building and deepening our creativity and when we return, it is with a renewed vigour, and having worked through other puzzles, we are easily taken to the next level in our art. The same way we nourish our children and wash those dishes over and over, when what we are really doing is giving them their wings. It's so much fun watching the baby birds learning to fly in the summer time - a joy carried into the art realm.
Reply Kat
5:59 PM on May 25, 2010 
I have been in a slump for way too long - I was beginning to wonder if I had anything to create, express anymore. I think..I hope that I'm finally coming out of it (knock on wood) and I'm starting to think that I needed that down time, time to incubate, time to observe my world, my life, and the clouds. I think there is a deepening, incubating, resting, nourishing, re-filling the well, etc during a slump. So the slump/down time is something that I need in order to create my next piece of artwork...go figure!