My Sculpture Class

Learn to sculpt onlne

Class info

 My online sculpting class includes

*Video clips


*Written instructions

*Lists of materials and reference links to suppliers.

*Interactive blog for members to ask questions, share ideas.

*Photogallery where you can upload your completed sculptures.

*A starting kit will be available to purchase for those who want all materials to start.


Some of the topics I will cover are:


*How to choose a subject.

*How to be successful with whatever subject choose.

*Overcoming construction challenges.

*What makes fiberclay a very different medium than regular clay.

*Building an armature.

*Adding wet to wet clay, wet to dry,  dry to dry and wet to fired clay.

*Texture and finishing

*Glazing and firing

*How to make sure your piece does not blow up if you fire it.

*Room temperature glazes

*Metal paint with patina

*Basing your finished piece

*Techniques for self critique and improving your work

and more....

You can take the class for Colorado Graduate Credit for teachers or you can take it without credit. To register, click here.